April 5th, 2014

This space is for proposing workshop topics for FailCon India 2014. Topics can be of almost any catigory related to tech startups.

Avoid the Pitfalls & Mistakes of Raising Venture Capital
Scaling with a Distribution Partner
Define Success through Actionable Metrics
Staying Happy In The Face Of Chaos & Uncertainty
Designing An Experience
Keeping Your Team Motivated When Times Get Tough

Anyone can vote, but paid attendees votes will ultimatley be the deciding choice along with jury selection.

Speakers or Attedees can propose Topics. If you have an issue at your startup, create a workshop proposal. Chances are you are not alone in that area of intrest! If there is no proposed speaker for a topic, we will endevor to find a qualified person to run the workshop.

Status: Accepting submissions

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